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The DOME Time-lapse Tests

February 8th, 2012 § 0 comments

Here’s some early morning brand new content for you. I’ve begun experimenting with Time lapse photography and here are some early results. These are very RAW and rough around the edges as i’m just trying to get the form and fundamentals down. They were shot at the DOME house in Joshua Tree, it was extremely windy as you’ll tell from the shaky-ness of the 7D time-lapses. These were all shot with a Gro Pro hero in video mode and stills mode, and a Canon 7D w/intervalometer. I dropped in “Kite Season” by Dreamcatcher to fit the mood.

DOME Test I – Timelapse from Steven Preston on Vimeo.

Hopefully there will be more tests to come, i’m actually shooting another right now from balcony downtown PS.

…and on another note, the DOME experience was pretty geodesic altogether…

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