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March 15th, 2012 § 0 comments

Shooting fashion is something that has been on mind for over a year now. Thanks to my photographer friend brian pescador I was able to finally shoot my first Fashion video. We shot this over a month ago, and since I have shot two other Fashion projects, so I guess I just needed the first one (look for those other 2 to be finished within the month)

We shot this video in 16mm film, but I wanted to shoot digital just so i could put it in my reel. We plan on producing a conceptual Fashion film around these photoshoots with BP using the 16mm, but for now i’m just going to cut little vignettes as I experiment with this new art form & style.


Model: Melissa Baldwin with M
Hair/MU: Carlyn Park
Styling: Luisa Marielli
Clothing by: The Fine Art Of Design
Music by the Fat’s Sabobah

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